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Group Therapy

In the world of counseling and therapy, you are provided with various options and types of therapy. In fact they all work together to help you and your family heal and grow. There is individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, art therapy, dance and movement therapy, to name a few. So why choose group therapy? I’m glad you asked.

Why Choose Group Therapy?

Group therapy provides a further relational aspect because one inevitable part is conversing with the other group members and the group leader. We are created to be in relation with one another and group therapy is a wonderful place to focus on relations with others. This type of therapy can be based on various topics or it can be process oriented, which is going a bit deeper and really connecting with the other members during the group session.

What Types Of Group Therapy Are There?

In group therapy, there are numerous types of groups to know about. There are open groups, which anyone can join at anytime during the group process. Closed groups are where no one else can join the group once the group is formed and has started. There are topic-based groups or there are process-based groups, as mentioned previously.

As you are considering therapy, we encourage you to consider joining a group. In groups, you gain a deep connection with the other members. You have the chance to form a bond with others who you allow yourself to be vulnerable with and to know one another beyond surface level. Also, you may develop a new sense of trust with others, and you have the chance to see how this trust plays out through group therapy. You may even find yourself providing feedback and encouragement to other members who have experienced similar life situations.

Can A Group Help Me And My Children?

Being a parent is an incredibly rewarding job and it is also very challenging. What an understatement. Being a parent may be the hardest job on earth. If you are a parent reading this, then I am probably preaching to the choir. In today’s day and age, it seems like parenting is a competition and social media may make you feel as though your parenting may not measure up to your friends parenting that you see on Facebook or Instagram, etc. Because of these pressures, I think that is one strong reason why group therapy is incredibly beneficial for parents, for you to experience that you are not alone.

Can A Group Help Us?

One major benefit of group therapy is the concept of normalizing. To normalize means to validate one’s experience and relate, saying to you that you are not the only who went through that, feels that way, etc. Normalizing feels like a sigh of relief! You know those thoughts of, “Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I am the only one feeling pulled in a million directions? Maybe I am the only one struggling to take care of myself on top of everything else going on?” It’s not just you! Come to group therapy and experience the connections that can be made amongst parents. You can share parenting skills, tribulations, growing experiences, areas you need support in, encourage others, and maybe make new friends that you can connect with outside of group sessions.

Take The Next Step

If you are thinking about having your child take part in group therapy, we offer that as well here at ParentingWorks. As a child, they are curious about everything and everyone around them. Through group therapy, children will begin to have various interactions with their peers. Not only will they have many opportunities for interaction, but also with having a therapist present, the therapist can encourage and model appropriate and positive behaviors.

If you have an adolescent at home and are wondering if group therapy is effective for a teenager, we are here to tell you it is! Adolescents are highly focused on their peer group and put a lot of trust and dependence into peer relationships. Thus, group therapy can provide a safe and caring environment for teens to work on those relationships and interactions. Teenagers also begin to question things such as their values and life choices, and group therapy can be a positive outlet to share their thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fears, and dreams. We believe group therapy is highly effective for adolescents and we’d be glad for your teenager to join us.

Yes, it may feel scary to reach out and let people in. We get that and we believe that the vulnerability is 100% worth it. ParentingWorks is here for you when you’re ready to take that next step.


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