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Project Description

Family Therapy

We do not live life in isolation. As human beings we need people. We need relationships that we feel connected and supported in. The world we we live in confirms this reality: we are surrounded by people, and we live in a society where connection with others is highly valued. Who do we usually interact with the most, and in many important ways need the most? Our family.

ParentingWorks celebrates the family. We understand the necessity of having a healthy family system — healthy parents nurturing and supporting each other (Or Learning How To), raising healthy kids who can become self-nurturing and thriving adults. Family Therapy can assist and guide you towards this goal. In different terms, growing a family to be secure with each other and themselves. We walk with you to be to help you and your children create intentional change in your lives. To be empowered.

What Is Family Therapy?

We view the family as a system because you and your family are exactly that: one wonderful, unique, hard working, and loving family system. Family therapy can create lasting change within the family. Family therapy is about moving the system from a status quo, an equilibrium if you will, that may not meet the needs of the system and the individuals living in it in a healthy or effective way, to a new and more secure, affirming, accepting, loving balance.  Change comes at first from asking for help. Healthy adults always will possess an ability to ask for help.
Then healing comes from first understanding the system you live in, where it came from, and what it reinforces and teaches each member, secondly through consistent, thorough work being put forth not only in the counseling room, but also at home where life happens. We understand that in family therapy, your therapist may only see a glimpse of your daily life and family interactions. We encourage you to bring your concerns, needs, and dreams into family therapy. Bring all of your feelings and authentic selves.

Our Families Matter

Whether or not most of us realize this, we are all impacted by our families. Each member of the family influences the other, even if that was not your intention! You impact your family and your family impacts you. While that is reality, it does not necessarily mean that family life is always smooth sailing. We believe that each family has a vast amount of potential and family therapy can be the catalyst for positive life changes within your family. Through focusing on your family to gain insight and awareness into the dynamics and roles within your family unit, you have the opportunity to see and understand your family, as well as yourself, from a broader perspective.

We are each impacted by our childhood experiences and current life experiences. For example, if you are a parent, the way you were raised and what you were taught directly impacts you as a parent today. Everyone is influenced by his or her own family history and belief system (Patterson, Williams, Edwards, Chamow, & Grauf-Grounds, 2009). This may not be at the forefront of your mind; it’s not for most people. Why this is important to understand is because your past experiences shape you and your family today. Through family therapy, we can help you and your family process through your family’s history and beliefs, and we can focus on creating and obtaining the goals and dreams that you have for your family.

We Can Walk With You

Every family goes through various trials and situations, experiencing numerous highs and lows. We are here to listen and understand, to help your family move forward in a healthy and effective manner. In family therapy, there are a variety of topics we focus on, a few of them are: communication, family dynamics, expectations, boundaries, limit setting, parenting styles, connection, self and other awareness, trust, and expressing emotions. At some point in time, each family will experience life transitions (Patterson et al., 2009). These life transitions are normal and expected, but that does not mean they are easy to endure. Wherever your family is and whatever y’all are going through, we can help you emotionally process this as you learn how to respond and adapt to these changes in the most helpful and healthy way for your family.

ParentingWorks intends to help you and your family gain insight through family therapy, which can provide the opportunity for deep and lasting change within your wonderful family.


Patterson, J., Williams, L., Edwards, T. M., Chamow, L., & Grauf-Grounds, C. (2009). Essential skills in family therapy: From the First Interview to Termination (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Guilford.


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