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Project Description

Couples therapy is often part of being a healthy and effective parent. Why? How we were parented effects the way we parent. Our parents difficulties in solving their own issues impacted us as children. It’s difficult to understand this at first. Many of our couples tell us that is the “past” and they parent in a way different from their own parents. This is usually true in many ways. We learn and often work very hard to “not make the mistakes” our own parents made.

Sometimes we find in the business of helping parents be effective in raising Empowered Children that while it is true we have not made some of the same mistakes that happened when we were young, if we look, we find that also some of the same things seem to be occurring, even though we are “not our parents”.

It is not the mistakes we all have made that matters, nor is it what happened to us as children. It is the meaning we make out of our childhoods and our parenthoods. Most parents and couples find this very hopeful and helpful. To know we can change course by making meaning and creating new narratives can inspire us and motivate us to be the parents and partners we desire.

Couples therapy can be the beginning of a new relationship with our spouse, a new relationship with ourselves, and a new relationship with our children. Knowing ourselves helps us be better at all of our relationships, freeing us from the prison of the past.

Some questions and concerns we can help you begin to understand are:

  • My partner and I are on different pages with parenting, what do we do now?

  • My partner and I constantly argue about old things, how do we stop?

  • My kids constantly pit us against each other, what can we do?

  • I just can’t communicate with him/her anymore, how do we learn a different way?

  • We are not intimate anymore, can this change?

  • I feel like I really don’t know the person I married, is there hope?

  • My partner isn’t the same person I married, what can I do?

  • I feel like I am married to my parents, how do I change this?

  • I feel alone in my marriage, can we ever come together again?

  • My partner always goes against what I say, I’m just tired of it.

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