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Our Mission

We are creating a world of purposeful parenting through healthy family systems composed of empowered children by generating an effective parenting style based on the individuality of the family system in which surviving is transformed into to thriving.

  • Parenting: The relationship formed between child and parent is the child’s primary experience of connection. Our mission is driven by the belief in the vital role parents play in their children’s lives and the understanding that parents have an important and unique perspective of how to promote self-confidence in their children.

  • Healthy family systems: Your family is a unique interconnected system that has the potential to flourish and face challenges effectively and confidently. We believe in the essentiality of therapeutic skills and the impact such skills have on the flow of the family when implemented in daily routines.

  • Empowered Children: The balance of freedom and responsibility fosters a child’s ability to implement change in his or her own life. Our services promote the development of self-awareness and emotional intelligence to support the balance of freedom and responsibility, which engages the inner resources of the child to make meaning and create change independently and in relationship.

  • Effective parenting style: The uniqueness of your family is important. Our mission is to help you find the balance within your family’s way of being while attuning to the individuality of each family member, integrating empathetic understanding, and implementing a therapeutic skill base to promote desired change.

  • Transformation: Our intention is to partner with you and your family to establish a unique process to promote change within your family system. Amongst the struggle and pain, your family is creative and full of potential. We strive to support the manifestation of that potential through relationship, implementation of therapeutic skills, education, communication and intimate connection and bonding creating secure attachment in and among the members of the family system.