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Parenting Works.

Being a parent is never easy, and the echoes of our parenting are truly endless.

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We have many years of combined experience working with adults and adolescents on a wide variety of issues.

Chris Lorenc MS, LPC, NCC, CSAT
Chris Lorenc MS, LPC, NCC, CSATTherapist
Chris began his journey more than 30 years ago, like many of his clients, struggling with the pain and suffering he created for himself, and he brings unique expertise and insight to the counseling and recovery process. Insights earned in his own journey of healing and sustained recovery, and insights from many hours as a counselor treating many differnet issues and their origin.

Chris works to combines personal recovery with clinical expertise and he completed a Master of Science in clinical counseling from the University of North Texas. He spent a number of years as a clinical case manager in an inpatient treatment center specializing in the treatment and understanding of sexual issues, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, drug addiction, and grief and trauma. Chris has more than 13 years in private practice specializing in treating adults, adolescents, couples and families.

Sarah Keramati, PH.D., LPC INTERN
Sarah Keramati, PH.D., LPC INTERNTherapist
In 2010, Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree with a Psychology minor from the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma University. She furthered her education by receiving a Master of Science in Child Development, Psychology, and Counseling Psychology, and another Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Group Therapy Counseling. She earned her Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University in 2015. She spent the last several years working in non-profit agencies with special needs children, and teaching at Texas Woman’s University.

Sarah’s training and education has enabled her to work with individuals of all ages, cultures, and populations, with an emphasis on meeting each client’s concerns. While working in her graduate and post-graduate internships, Sarah was privileged to work for three years with over forty victims of sexual and physical abuse whose ages ranged from three to sixty years old. By working with this population, she gained the experience needed to collaborate in multiple projects which were supported by the TWU Human Development Department.

Sarah’s focus and specialties include the following fields: Stress Disorder, Grief, Separation Anxiety, Attachment Parenting, Bi-cultural Identity, abuse, depression, and addiction. Additionally, she has experience in working with those suffering from co-occurring disorders in adults, partners of sex addicts, codependence, and mood disorders. Sarah’s own bi-cultural identity as an Iranian-American gives her the unique perspective to influence and connect with individuals from various cultures.

“My personal mission, as well as my passion, is to cultivate change by creating safe environments to the hurting, while nurturing an inner source within those individuals to combat their personal and emotional challenges. As a wife and a mother, I have found that I can help others through my personal experiences and training. Spending time with my husband Jay and my son Benjamin has helped me to understand and subsequently motivate others to move towards goals of real change in their personal journey to a healthier and happier life.”

Stevie Hall MS, LPC Intern, LCDC Intern
Stevie Hall MS, LPC Intern, LCDC InternTherapist
Stevie graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master’s degree in Counseling. She specialized her education and training in addiction, cognitive psychology, adolescent and adult development, juvenile offenders, women’s emotional health, and group counseling.
Stevie does not believe addiction is a moral issue.
Though addiction may impact the choices one makes, she does not believe “bad” people exist. Therefore, her clinical experience has been focused toward helping clients understand the brain science of their addiction, as well as how their past experiences and environment may have impacted the development of their addiction.
Furthermore, through her own personal and professional experiences, Stevie has come to know recovery as a journey and not a final destination. Even once one has entered long-term recovery, maintaining recovery is an extremely important part of overcoming addiction. Maintaining recovery includes finding a holistic balance mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.
Stevie is also passionate about adolescent development. Part of her mission as a counselor is helping both teens and parents understand the uniqueness of adolescent development. In working with teens, Stevie uses “teen friendly” techniques of counseling that foster a strong relationship as she helps the teen navigate their experiences. She has in-depth knowledge about communication with teens and “tough topics” such as sex education, dating, establishing boundaries, cyber connections, and porn.
“My mission is to help individuals navigate through life in a collaborative relationship. It is important to me to establish a relationship with my clients where we work together to accept and overcome the curve balls of life. Just as an acorn has everything within itself that it needs to grow into a strong oak tree, I believe we as humans have the exact same potential.”
Audrey Malacara MS, LCDC Intern
Audrey Malacara MS, LCDC InternTherapist
Audrey received her Master’s in Counseling from the University of North Texas specializing in Play Therapy. She has formalized training and experience with children struggling with aggression, anxiety, and with attachment concerns. She also has experience working with reforming connection and cohesion between children and their parents. Additionally, she has experience counseling adolescents with sex addiction and pornography/cybersex addiction and working with children whose parent(s) are in long-term recovery.

Audrey’s specialized training and research endeavors have made her both passionate and knowledgeable about therapeutic approaches for children, adolescent, and families. She sought out research and training opportunities concerning adolescent addiction, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), activity and play therapy. She believes that development for kids and teens can be difficult and confusing for both the child and parent. As kids and teens grow older, emotions and behaviors change. Because children experience emotions that they struggle to communicate verbally, Audrey believes in the importance of play therapy for children. Additionally, she understands that conversations with your teen about values, healthy sexuality, and drug/alcohol use among others can leave a parent and teen feeling disconnected and confused. She also believes that addiction is far more complex than a moral issue. She focuses on the emotional component of addiction and the influence of past experiences and relational needs on the development of addiction.

“I believe that difficulties in life are best explored in relationship. I strive to help my clients understand and accept all unique aspects of themselves. Understanding one’s values, relational needs, and experiences aids the client in breaking free from mundane, harmful, and disingenuine cycles of living. I believe that with awareness comes freedom. Feeling discouraged or “stuck” is a natural experience. You may feel worn down by uncertainty, anxious or depressed in reliving trauma, or simply want support in understanding yourself on a deeper level. My mission is to partner with you in becoming the best and most genuine version of yourself.”

Parenting Expertise

Parenting Works sees parenting as a critical part of the bonding and development of the child. How we parent is based on how we were parented and our life experiences. Parenting is perhaps the most important job we do. Providing a consistent, warm, flexible and responsive environment for our children is challenging for all of us.

  • Healthy parents are flexible.

  • Healthy parents are warm and responsive.

  • Healthy parents have created meaning in their own lives.

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